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Our celeb sighting (it was a good one!)

Most of us still remaining at the Puzzle Palace (Will went home this morning) went to the Sundance Resort, an hour outside of Park City, to see the third screening of Wordplay. It was really good getting to see the movie again, and the audience reaction was excellent (as the director pointed out, my pajamas -- I'm one of the first people shown in the film -- got a huge collective guffaw). I also got introduced during the Q&A for the first time (though I didn't actually get on stage to answer any questions).

Brian (qaqaq's partner) had nudged me before the movie started to point out that sitting at the end of the row in front of us was none other than Glenn Close. Although she took off just as the movie finished, she reappeared after most of the filmgoers had gone to talk to the director and producer, and apparently she said she'd like to talk to us puzzleheads and did they think we would mind? Of course they sent her over, and she talked to us for quite a while. She looks REALLY good for fiftysomething or however old she is. Everyone's saying how short she is, but I'd say she's pretty average unless I missed some really high heels on her cowboy boots. She was very gracious, and didn't groan when Merl anagrammed RHONDA into HARD-ON (or at least groaned in a good way).

Went to a birthday party for the director's/producer's (they're married) daughter, where much pizza and beer was consumed (and quiche, since I made three of them last night for people to eat for lunch today, but nobody was around for lunch). Lots of compliments on the quiche, though not that much of it got eaten. Go figure.

Others are now in the process of attempting to persuade me to go to another industry party this evening. I'm wavering. On the one hand, what if somebody famous shows up or other fun stuff happens that I miss? On the other hand, my shuttle to the airport shows up at 6 AM tomorrow, I'm not that big on meeting famous people (unless it's, say, Manu Ginobili, in which case I would just drool all over myself and feel like an idiot), and honestly, I just want to call testitest and have a good long conversation with him before I go to sleep. I really miss him.
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