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testitest passed level 1 of the CFA! Only 35% of people did this year. I'm sooooooo happy -- both happy for him that he passed, and happy for myself, because it means he won't be spending all fall and winter studying to take the exam again in December. Yay, I get a boyfriend and not a roommate for the next six months!

I was just going to make some chicken salad for dinner last night, but finding out that Dave passed called for a celebration. Fortunately it happens to be Restaurant Week in NYC, so we decided to try Shun Lee Palace. It was great -- not only was the food delicious, but the waiters were wonderful, always whisking things over before we could even think to ask and responding with delight when I trotted out the few words of Chinese I still remember. It was pretty funny, because when I said, "Thank you, it was delicious" in Chinese, the waiter responded with a stream of Mandarin and all I could say was, "Ai-ya, my Chinese is not that good!" I ended up buying their cookbook and asking how much they charge to host a wedding, so like I said, it was good! Also, unlike many Restaurant Week meals, this one had very generous portions. Highly recommended if you still want to take advantage of the special pricing this week.


Jul. 30th, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
Twice a year, and Restaurant "Week" is usually two weeks. There's always one in the winter (late January/early February) and one in the summer (now). It goes Monday through Friday for each of the two weeks -- this is the second week of the summer one. It's not too late to make a reservation for many places if you want to get in this week, although tables at the hottest spots are long gone. OpenTable.com has a list of participating places.

Brooklyn also has theirs twice a year, and I think it usually goes on for about 10 days and includes one weekend. They have a spring one in March or April and I think another one in September/October. The Brooklyn one is a great value, and in some cases you can even get dinner for *two* for $24.95.

Some foodies pooh-pooh Restaurant Week because restaurants sometimes don't offer their fancier dishes on the prix-fixe menu, or you'll get a small portion. I've only had this experience at one Restaurant Week dinner (and I've been to at least 10), at the Blue Water Grill. For the most part it's been a really nice way to try a restaurant that I otherwise would have passed by because of the price, and I have come back to the best ones for full-price meals. (It's not that I can't afford to eat anywhere schmancy, but I prefer not to blow the bucks unless I KNOW it's going to be good!) I definitely would not have gone to a Chinese restaurant that charges $30 to $35 for most entrees, but last night we did, and it was so good that I'd totally go back.


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