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$30 in used American currency

I'm on the last day of a business trip in San Francisco. It's been really nice -- I only had to work Friday and today, and the rest of the weekend was for running (17 miles in 2 days!) and playing.

On Friday, since I got in at 9 PST and the market research I was attending didn't start until 1, I decided to hit Glamour Closet, a shop that sells samples of high-end designer bridal gowns at substantial discounts. I went in thinking that I probably wouldn't find anything, because I wear a slightly bigger size than that carried by most bridal stores as samples, but figured that if I found a really great deal, I'd ship it home.

So I'm trying on all these fancy designer dresses, most of which looked like ass on me, but there was this one dress that I looked hot in. (You can see it at the Ulla-Maija website -- click on "collections," then "chapel," then "Julienne." Unlike the model pictured on the site, I have a decent pair of ta-tas, so the dress looked awesome.) And, I swear, there's some kind of drug pumped into the air at these bridal salons. Because you're standing there in a dress that probably needs expensive alterations (it looked good, but it didn't quite zip up, meaning I would have had to move buttons and shift some fabric, plus I don't want a train, so I would have had to have it cut off), and okay, the dress is discounted but it still costs a full month's rent (yes, a full NYC month's rent) even without alterations and somehow I'm still starting to think it's a good idea that I buy this dress. Fortunately I told them I wanted to sleep on it and walked out of the store without slapping down my credit card. I am starting to regain my sanity and realize that there are other dresses out there (like, say, the one ALREADY IN MY CLOSET) that will look great on me, and they WON'T cost more than a 50-inch flat-screen, although some part of me still longs for the dress and how good it made my ta-tas look. Oh, well.

And now for the non-girly part of the weekend. NEENER NEENER! I got to hang out with Byron and rpipuzzleguy and youuuuuu didn't!

I met up with Byron, Tyler, and Byron's friend Mary (whom I'd met at Sundance two years ago) on Saturday for a day of hanging out. Coincidentally, Saturday morning's puzzle belonged to none other than Byron himself, so I greeted him not with a hug and a hello, but "You, sir, just about KILLED me this morning!" Fortunately, he knew what I meant and chuckled. I was humbled later in the day when we got a paper copy of the NYT for Tyler, who hadn't solved the puzzle yet, and he did it in 8 minutes, which means an online time of about 6 minutes, or about half as much time as I took. Apparently I have not yet broken the curse of the Byron.

Byron has a sweet new ride, which he used to motor us around first to brunch at a fabulous French/Creole place that was more than worth the 45-minute wait (mmmm, cheese grits! mmm, oyster scrambled eggs!), then to the beach to watch the waves crash and the kites fly, then to Haight-Ashbury to hippie-watch and buy used CDs. (I got I'd Like a Virgin by Richard Cheese, which just made my day.) Then we went to a bar so Tyler could solve Byron's puzzle, with the aforementioned embarrassing-to-me results, and then to another bar to eat yummy sausage, watch the Olympics, and just generally hang out. Byron, Tyler, and Mary were lovely and accommodating -- if I'd wanted to do touristy things, they would have done it, and they also seemed perfectly happy that I didn't. They also didn't razz me too hard when I wanted to go home at 9:15 (past midnight to my EST-oriented brain).

On Sunday, after I spent the afternoon wandering around Union Square and trying on any evening gown remotely resembling a wedding dress, Byron picked me up again -- first we joined Tyler for dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant, and then we went to an English pub for trivia night. A few more of Byron's friends joined us, and as you can imagine, we had a pretty stacked team. I didn't know half the shit Byron and his friend Jeremy did, but I did sort of earn my keep with two answers that no one else knew ("What drug company manufactures the anti-inflammatory drug Celebrex?" and "What actor provided the voice for John Smith in Disney's Pocahontas?"). So, our team, Mark Spitz Phelps Swallows, took the top slot. I tried to give Byron my share of the prize ("$30 in used American currency") since he'd bought me a beer earlier in the evening, but he said my knowing those two answers was more than good enough to keep the five bucks. Thanks for driving me around all weekend, Byron, and thanks for showing the nerdy girl a good time!

Back to work tomorrow. (I'm technically working now, but we have a two-hour break between interviews so it doesn't feel like it.) Don't WANNA.


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Aug. 19th, 2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
I have got to get myself out there for trivia with Byron, Tyler, Mary, and Jeremy.
Aug. 19th, 2008 10:24 pm (UTC)
You totally do. We were stacked, man. STACKED.
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