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The quickest of updates

Work: A lot of it. 55-60 hour weeks for the past month, and more to come until mid-October or early November. Bleh.

Running: A lot of that, too. Fortunately advertising agencies tend to start late (rolling in between 9:30 and 10 is perfectly normal), so by getting up early I've been able to squash 35+ miles in every week.

Health: Annoying plantar fasciitis (heel inflammation) issue. Saw a second doctor about it today, and liked this one a lot better than the first. I'm supposed to see a physical therapist twice a week for the next six weeks and wear a brace on my foot when I go to sleep. Fun!

Appearance: Will the mosquito that bit me on my left cheek, thereby leaving a giant red welt right in the middle of my face, please fuck off and die?

Singing: Love the Oratorio Society! I haven't really gotten to know anyone in the choir yet -- the alto section alone is bigger than the entire choir that I last sang with, so I never sit next to the same person twice -- but it's really cool to be learning the Messiah instead of crazy Australian avant-garde tunes.

Wedding: I'm really devoting as little attention to planning it as possible. We have a date (my birthday!) and most of the major vendors booked, which means I'm just not going to think about it much for a while. A good friend of ours (who threw us a lovely engagement party weekend before last) has graciously agreed to marry us. She got ordained online through the Universal Life Church and will be registering through the city clerk's office to become a legal officiant. This is the part I was most stressing about, as Dave and I wanted to have a wedding ceremony consistent with Objectivist principles, but NY's archaic marriage laws permit only judges, mayors or former mayors, and clergy members to perform legal marriages. So it's a good thing that the ULC will make a cleric out of anybody :)


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Sep. 26th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
I recently got one of those brace/splint thingies for nighttime. Whenever I use it, my heel feels fine first thing in the morning but hurts in a more "like a mofo" fashion later in the day—worse than usual. Can you ask the physical therapist what I should do different?
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