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Another mini update

Work: The agency I was working at before, created a spinoff agency to handle certain accounts without conflict of interest. The powers that be decided to send my account to the new agency. So now I work in Tribeca. There are things to like and dislike about it; the part I find most annoying is having to get across town for my commute, which means taking the bus and then taking the subway. (In the warmer months, I may take the subway and then walk about 3/4 of a mile.) The part I find best is being in incredibly close proximity to Mooncake Foods, one of my favorite restaurants for its excellent food at dirt-cheap prices. Anyway, I'm reserving judgment at the moment. We'll see how it goes. Thank goodness I'm no longer busting my ass 60 hours a week like I was in September and October. I could not have kept that pace up for much longer.

Singing: The Oratorio Society performed Bernstein's Kaddish Symphony last month with the Juilliard Orchestra, under the baton of Alan Gilbert, music director-elect for the NY Philharmonic. Outstanding! I wouldn't say that Kaddish is my favorite choral work ever, but it was intellectually quite challenging to learn, and Alan Gilbert is God. One of the best experiences I've ever had with a conductor. (The other was back in high school, when I made the PA state orchestra and Kirk Muspratt, then of the Pittsburgh Symphony, conducted us.) I would have begged here in LJ for people to buy tickets, except the concert was sold out -- we singers got two tickets each, and had to use one for ourselves to see the second half of the show (the orchestra doing Beethoven's Eroica).

I will, however, beg for attendees for our next concert, Handel's Messiah, which is next Monday night, 12/15, at 8 PM in Carnegie Hall. It's going to be awesome, and you should come!

Running: So I've already described what it was like to run Philadelphia. But have I ever mentioned that running has made me into a complete sap? Meaning that all kinds of references to the marathon, particularly the NYC marathon, make me cry. I just finished Liz Robbins's book A Race Like No Other, and I swear just READING about "New York, New York" playing as you run across the Verrazano bridge made me cry. It just makes me think about how much I'm going to enjoy those moments when I run New York next year.

Speaking of running New York, I went to check the NY Road Runners volunteer website to remember whether I was volunteering on Saturday or Sunday of this weekend (this year, NYRR added a one-race volunteer requirement to the nine races required to secure guaranteed entry to the following year's NYC Marathon), and the site said I wasn't listed to volunteer at all! I looked to see races with open volunteer opportunities, and the only one that was left was the New Year's Eve 5K. Not really how I had imagined spending my New Year's Eve, but I worked so hard running those nine races in the spring and summer, I was going to have to do it. Fortunately the computer glitch doesn't appear to have been permanent, and I am in fact listed for volunteering this Sunday. PHEW.

Puzzles: Believe it or not, I've only solved, like, one a day since last year's ACPT. My speed doesn't seem to have suffered, although I'm probably going to have to bump up the solving soon in preparation for 2009. I guess I'm still burned out from trying so hard for 2007 and having an epic fail.

Wedding: Accomplished quite a lot over the holiday weekend, including getting testitest a suit to wear and finding out his ring size. Basically, getting his ring is the last major purchase we need to make (besides paying balances on vendors who only have deposits at this point, that is), so I'm kind of just sitting tight for a while.


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